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На самом деле я ещё с утра дома, как только пересилю лень выложу фотки)) вот пока небольшая писанина. Писалось на английском, а литературно переводить влом. Звиняйтэ.


She saw meadows and clouds fly by in the window. Clouds. He liked clouds, she remembered. "Those clouds that look like a trace of wind's brush, or like long, fine hair.. Don't they just take your breath?", he said once. A thin stripe of water showed up on the horizon and the sun was slowly submerging into it. She listened to the sound of train wheels and noticed that it synced with her heartbeat.
The night brought back some memories and she smiled in her sleep. She woke up from moonlight poking her cheek. The nightsky was clear, stars shining like unexstinguishable pyres. She smiled again. Orion was climbing up on the sky, his unmistakable torso and belt rising slowly.
"I know this is a strange request, but we don't have much choices left", they said. "It seems that only you can wake him up.."
"Do people see dreams in lethargic sleep?", she wondered, falling asleep again.

His concsiousness returned with a feeling of wind against his face. The next sense to wake up was smell. The air around him was fresh and smelled of ozone. He opened his eyes and saw the land far below. "I am falling", he thought, slightly surprised. He spread his arms and felt the wind with his fingers. The wind laughed and caught him in it's palms, carrying around and shaping clouds with him as if he was a brush, and then released. He fell in the clouds softly, like they were huge piles of feathers. "I must be sleeping", he thought. He stood up and jumped off the cloudedge, spreading arms again. Invisible wings caught wind right away and he flew around a bit to try them. The feeling was very familiar.
"Flying works. Then how about...", he said to himself.
Next moment he was lying on a sandbeach. Ocean splashed gently at the shore and sun shone brightly, occasionally hiding behind palms that wind conveniently moved, it seemed, for that very purpose.
He sat up and looked around. Ocean, beach, sun and clouds. He knew he was on an island. But something was missing. He closed his eyes, remembering how she looked, every inch of her body..

She opened her eyes and found herself floating in salty water, the ocean supporting her gently. It was quite comfortable, to just lie on the waves like this, relaxed, and feel sunrays play on her skin. Wind was caressing her hair and whispering something into her ear. She couldn't make out what it said. Then she heard his voice calling her.

This dream was different from others. He didn't seem to be able to wake up, wandering aimlessly around his island. And there were no people around. Small river ran down from the mountain in the middle of the island. It's sides were covered with forest he yet haven't thought of wandering into. Half an hour later he saw the mark he left at his "landing": wooden stick standing in the sand. Of course he could fly up and do a look-around, but somehow it didn't feel like anything would change in this world. Or it didn't matter because she was not here. Usually she appeared when he called for her in his dreams, swimming out from ocean walking out from behind the nearest tree. Or simply falling right into his arms from above with a "wheeeee!". But not this time. This dream of his felt like prison. Painted with bright colours, prison of loneliness. And he could not wake up.

She switched train for the ferry. The voyage across the sea would take a night. She enjoyed the sunset from the nose of sundeck and went down to her cabin, taking shower and curling up in bed.
This time she were wandering in a wild forest. Trees always changed around her. It was a mix of all types of forests in same place, scenery dancing around in some mystical rhytm. As can be expected in a dream. Except his voice. It grew louder giving impression that he was closer, calling for her. But she woke up before she found him.

She stepped out of ferry terminal. Nobody was waiting for her there. And nobody had to: she could almost hear his voice even awake.

He stretched his limbs and looked at his creation. A small-sized hut made of thin trees and palm leaves, fit for two. He didn't know for sure why he built it this way, may be old habit, may be tiny glimpse of hope. He took a sharp stone he used for cutting trees and tied it to a long bamboo, with no amazement about whereabouts of the bamboo origins. He could still do the usual miracles. After all, it was his dream. Grabbing his new spear he wandered off to the river. Sun was nearing the horizon - dinner time.

The room was lighted up, sunrays entering several windows and splashing on beige curtains and white ceiling. He was lying on a sofa. It looked like he just dozed off for couple minutes, and not two weeks ad they told her. He looked very calm, only slight movement of his eyes under the eyelids and occasional twitch of eyebrows gave away his anxiousness. He was dreaming.
She sat by his side and stroke his face gently.

He sat on the shore, by the campfire, and munched on grilled fish. That's when he saw her, walking on the thin line of sand that calm ocean waves reached only barely, tickling her feet and retreating back into deeper waters. He felt his heartbeat. She walked towards him, smiling like a goddess. He smiled back happily, swallowing the chunk of fish he was munching on, trying to hold back a tear.
She sat by his side and leaned against him softly. He offered her the a fish on a stick. She took a bite and closed her eyes, smiling.
They didn't need much words, just sitting there under the light of the setting sun and staring into each others' eyes, smiling. Then she leaned closer and kissed his lips. He closed his eyes and returned it. So they sat for a while, kissing. The sun had set, and stars popped up on the sky. She smiled into his eyes and whispered softly, "wake up".
"Wake up", echoed her voice, carried by the calm ocean waves.
"Wake up", whispered her voice from each star on deep blue nightsky.
He opened his eyes slowly. She sat next to him, her face of a goddess close to his. His senses returned to him slowly. He felt awake. Then he felt her hand in his hand and her lips on his lips. He even thought he felt a tip of her tongue. He looked into her smiling eyes.
"Good morning, sleepy head", they said. "You called"
He smiled and held her close.
"I had a terrible dream", he said. "I was on an island without you. It felt like a very long time."
She hugged back.

That's how it felt. She just walked into his life and woke him up from his lonely dream. His own miracle girl with a smile of a goddess.



Прикольная цитата)) неизвестно чья жалко))

Whatever you give a Woman, she will make Greater. If you give her Sperm,she'll give you a Baby. If you give her a House, she'll give you a Home. If you give her Groceries, She'll give you a Meal. If you give her a Smile, She'll give you Her Heart. She multiplies and enlarges what is given to her. So, if you give her any Crap, be ready to receive tons of shit.


Мессага в бутылке

Ну вот народ, завтра мы с предками отправляемся колесить по северной европе в доме на колёсах %))

Так что следующие две недели до меня можно достучаться только через смс. Может если вдруг случайно наткнёмся на беспроводную сеть скину апдейт и даже фотки могу если очень попросите *ухмыльнулся*

В общем, до ск! Скучайте ;)


Про погоду, простуду и летние каникулы.

Шведское лето в самом разгаре - 10-15 градусов тепла(?), мерзкий мелкий дождь моросит уже неделю. Как только я завалился к френдам после сдачи очередного хвоста, оказалось что мы все дружно поймали простуду, в результате всей толпой в 3 человека выкашливаем лёгкие четвёртый день.. Причём хлебаем лекарство регулярно...

В итоге меня всё заколебало и я понял что пора валить домой, хорошенько отмыться, сменить наконец одежду и задать этому блядскому вирусу по самое несуйсвоиотросткикуданепросят. Вот счас заварю чаю и он, вирус, лично сцуко узнает в чей сибирский организм он так неудачно угодил *burning eyes*
И видал я все эти лекарства.


@музыка: Fire Bomber - Holy Lonely Light



Одна лучница мне напомнила как я собирался вот это повесить для кросоты)))


товарисчи френды, нисто случайно не знаком с юристом?





i Phone u!!11

Та-да! Да-да-да ;)

my preciousss %)




Может я действительно жуткий грубиян, но чё за нах?! Типа после 10-летнего барьера я просто вот возьму и начну делиться подробностями личной жизни с матерью?
Девушек вообще только с отцом обсуждают.. "У тебя сейчас есть отношения с девушкой?" "У тебя были отношения с девушкой?" "У тебя случайно нет проблем с сексом?"... я ожидал вопроса "Ты, случайно, не гомосек?" >_<
Да у меня были отношения с девушкой, и не с одной, и нет, сейчас у меня их нет (^_~), и проблем с сексом тоже не испытываю, какого извините хрена?! "Но твоя мама волнуется" - да, вовремя она начала волноваться, как 24 стукнуло.

Но это ещё не всё... Самое лучшее это когда мне с недвусмысленным намёком начинают рассказывать какие у её подруг/друзей замечательные дочки (ну просто лучше на планете нет), и почему это мне они не нравятся, интересно? о нет, я тебе никого не навязываю, ТЫ САМ ВЫБИРАЙ..." ИДИ ТЫ, ЛЕСОМ, МАТЕРЬ. Нельзя заставить влюбиться, неужели не доходит?! И хватит уже лезть! Женюсь как только так сразу, с той которая МНЕ нравиться и когда МНЕ и ЕЙ захочется, и естественно не с первой встречной в тот же вечер, блять! ГРРРРРРРРРР!!

Так, вдох, выдох. Woooosaaaaahhh.


Новое это хорошо хабытое старое или как из Джедаев Панду лепили))))))

Я просто ползал))) Вот так нас, товарисчи, на ваучер натянули :D:D:D

Kung Fu Panda is a Remake of Star Wars

@темы: Star Wars, Kung Fu Panda


Ах да 2

хыыыы, а вот второй мувик интереснее)) Трудно быть богом, нэ))


Ах да.

Теперь вспомнил. Как пересмотрел Блич мувик 1. Это конечно круто и всё такое, но)))

Глюк 1. Тов. Ganryuu (он же глав.злодей): "Мы тыщу лет бродили во тьме, постепенно научившись использовать пустые души как источник силы. Когда пустые души собираются в кучу и формируют новое измерение, Valley of Screams. В то же время воспоминания этих душ концентрируются в Memory Rosary..."
Ага, то есть все эти тыщу лет они вместили в пару дней с того как появилась собственно Memory Rosary... да-да умник Урахара всем популярно (читать: иллюстрациями а-ля Рукия) объяснил что эти самые Valley формируются постоянно и это естесственный феномен, но всё-же.

Глюк 2. Ичиго в банкае остановило какое-то копьё? Пффт... "для трагичности момента", вероятно. Хотя не исключено что это был удар в печень))) (нет, не знаю есть ли у шинигаами печень)

Глюк 3. Супер пушку-Kudou всё-таки жахнули, а никаких упомянутых "сильных влияний" ни на реальный мир ни на общество душ не было... нехорошо, товарисчи сценаристы, нехорошо))

Ну и Глюк 4, последний. Какая нахрен сила гравитации между разными измерениями... уже придумали что-нибудь поинтереснее.

Да, а в целом конечно очень мило. Всё, налетайте, товарисчи фанаты))


Эстафета ага))

1. Отмечаетесь в комментах, на что я отвечаю одним смайлом, по моему мнению исчерпывающе характеризующим ваш дневник
2. По получении ответа вешаете это безобразие у себя.


Two blades, pink coat and straw hat.

Дадада))) Это всё я))

"...Kyouraku Shunsui. Yoroshikun"

Один злой китаец хотел пнуть меня по фейсу. Но не допрыгнул)))

"Ха! Ну, кто на новенького?"

...на новенького вызвался спартанец Мани. Каллес Кавиар просто мимо проходил. Каллес Кавиар это такая популярная смесь икры с солью и сыром, на бутерброды. продаётся в тюбиках)) с весёлой мордой паренька по имени Калле (= Карл).

А потом я снял парик ибо он из меня чуть мозг не выдавил. Соломенные тапочки тоже не первого удобства были)))


О том, как...

...можно издеваться над GPS))
Рецепт: Возьмите белый мамин плащ GPS базу, ровер и побегайте вокруг))

Face and Star

ЗЫ, звезда выше, холмик там был))


Скучали? ;)

Эээ, да. собсно перезавёл чисто для внедрения всякой всячины в массы ибо в комментах не всё смотриться х)

ну и на первое:

...и на второе))

...ЗЫ, кто подскажет как прозрачный фон записей сделать - расцелую (ну или там, пожму чё-нить)))).


Captain's Log